Mobile App


OKR is a goal management framework that helps you manage & track goals in your organization. It became popular after companies like Twitter and Google adopted the method, and was quickly embraced by forward-thinking teams across industries worldwide.

However, one of the key drivers of the success of OKR is simplicity, OKR software doesn’t usually follow it.


Native. Clean. Simplified.

The goal of the project was to rebuilt the app from the ground up to make it easier to track progress and update OKRs on the go.

The Mobile App should let employees set goals, update results, and review activity both at the team and company level; all in real time, from the palm of their hand.

To make it possible, I had to find all the biggest pain points in a current app. The usability test with 5 people was conducted.

Process and outcomes

What I’ve done

After getting user insights about the problems in a current app, the first wireframes were drafted.

Step by step and iteration by iteration, the shape of the high-fidelity UI appeared as well.

But nothing goes to production without testing. I made a rapid Invision prototype to quickly validate the final design.

The feedback was mostly positive, and the most important, users were no longer experiencing such difficulties for tasks “Find a team” and “Mention a teammate”.

Success! Ready, steady, handoff.