Perdoo – OKR Web Platform

In 2016, I joined a team as a UI/UX designer to build and rethink the entire product. Perdoo is a B2B software company that helps companies estimate and measure company success.

The actual design level of the product was rather poor, and we had to entirely re-design it, also bringing consistency with a Design System.

  • Role UX designer
  • Platform Web application
  • Link perdoo.com
  • Length 1 year full-time

Perdoo Logotype


The main challenges were:

  1. More than 50 UX debts listed in a doc
  2. Inconsistency across apps
  3. Unfriendly visual interface


Fixing UX

To make a list of all things to fix, a range of methods was applied:

  • Sketching and wireframes
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Usability interviews
  • Observations and data

After each research, all findings were described, summarised and shared with stakeholders.

Making a product consistent

Living style guides is an important approach for web development today, especially in large, complex web applications.

Colors, fonts, forms, buttons, widgets, and other components were designed to reuse them again and again.

Design system Screnshot

And design with a passion

Some examples of final mockups.


Many things were done.

Using reusable components we’ve made our product 3x times faster and consistent, we fixed usability issues that stayed for years and brought our past clients from the competitors back.